About Me

I am Saroj Rahul Dhongadi from Pune, Maharashtra State, India. I am associate of Herbalife.

My spouse Rahul is working in well-known software company in Pune and I am a house wife managing home and family.

Rahul had 85 kg weight and was looking options to reduce weight. He tried everything swimming, walking, exercise but none worked as per his expectations. He tried fasting, skipping lunches but instead of losing weight he gained more weight. He was looking how to lose weight?

Everyone whoever Rahul met amongst family members, relatives & friends were advising to reduce weight to him. All dear ones were telling to take care of growing belly to avoid future health problems. Meeting others during family function became slowly a challenge and Rahul slowly started avoiding such functions. He did not know what would be the easiest and safest way to reduce weight?

Rahul whenever found time from his busy schedule tried to search tips and techniques on internet to reduce weight. He read diet recipes, articles, work outs and tried to implement accordingly but results were slow below his hopes. He was looking ideal method which can help him to reduce weight without diet or exercising with fast results.

While searching everywhere and talking with others in May 2014, he was introduced with a person who started his carrier as Health and Nutrition Consultant recently and himself tried Herbalife products to reduce in his own weight. Rahul had seen this person earlier and was surprised to see his results. He was his security person Mr. Navnath Hazare working with him earlier who had lost 16 kg in 2 months.

Rahul was impressed with his results and wanted to try without risk? Rahul had already lost faith by trying most of the things, thinking to try one more option he was ready to do what Navnath told him. Mr. Navnath Hazare did Fat Analysis FREE for him and advised a simple plan where he can reduce weight 2-3 kg per month.

Rahul did whatever Navnath told him. He followed every single step and advice told by Navnath. Rahul slowly stared losing weight. He found himself easy, light weight day by day. He started becoming more energetic and losing weight. In first month Rahul lost 4 kg weight. This was real beginning of losing weight.

Rahul was happy, continued what was told by Navnath. Rahul lost 14 kg weight and 6 inches of waist in first 4 months. Now Rahul is maintaining his weight and you can personally see his results whenever you meet him.

Don’t believe? Here are the photographs of  Navnath & Rahul.

Navnath Hazare

Navnath Hazare Before & After Photos

Navnath Hazare Before & After Photos

Rahul Dhongadi


Most of us are over weight. We don’t know what to do? We want safe, proven method which can reduce our weight scientifically and systematically.  Herbalife provides simple method to reduce / lose / manage weight preferably. My husband has already reduced his overweight? YOU CAN?

Call or contact us now with our contact us page. I will be always happy to help you wherever you live. You may in India or any part of the world we are just a click away.

Wish you happy healthy life to you and your family.

All the Best!

Warm Regards,

Saroj Rahul Dhongadi