Become Associate Now – Equal opportunity to all

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Millions of people around 90+ countries have joined Herbalife and doing the business worldwide successfully. You have equal opportunity to become an Associate now and can start your business globally along with us.

Herbalife provides equal opportunity to all wherever you live, whatever education and experience level you have. You can work with us if you have desire to become successful in life both health wise and financially. There are thousands who have not completed formal education but are successful in Herbalife business. Herbalife provides trainings and support so you learn from company and grow your business.

Proven and Safe Products

Herbalife have proven, safe, scientific products on which you can rely and buy products in range of weight management, nutrition, kids nutrition, energy drinks, personal care etc.

Support and Training

Herbalife provides support and training to its distributors in entire network so wherever you live you have opportunity to know the business, learn and grow with others.

Compensation Plan

Herbalife provides best competitive compensation plan in direct selling industry worldwide. You earn for your right efforts you put on.

Proven Success

Herbalife has proven success of working in 90+ countries since last 34 years. If you always knew there had to be a better way, it’s time to start on your personal path to life changing success.

Join Now – Simple 3 steps to Start now

Follow only 3 simple steps to become Herbalife Associate (For any Assistance use skype – rdhongadi or visit contact me page)

Step 1 – Filling Application Form
Herbalife is presently available in 90+ countries. Check your resident country name by clicking here.

If your country name is not listed then presently it is not available to you. You can contact me with your country name so that whenever it is available, you will be first to be contacted by me.

If your country name is listed then Congratulations, you can become Herbalife Associate and I will be your Wellness Coach!

  1. Visit
  2. Click down arrow after ‘United States – English’


3. You will see four continents – The ‘Americas’, ‘Europe’, ‘Middle East & Africa’ and ‘Asia Specific’. Select your country from your continent list.


4. You will be directed to your country Herbalife home page.
5. You will see a banner “Become a Herbalife Member’. Click the button ‘Apply Now’
6. Online contract form will open. Read the page. We assure money back guarantee so no risk at all. You can claim for refund.  Note down your local Herbalife Office contact number which is below ‘Get Started’ button. The contact number is essential for Step 2. Click ‘Get Started’ button.
7. Herbalife membership and application form will have 5 pages. Read everything. It is self-explanatory. On first page enter
details as under and proceed on next pages till last page.


8. Print the Member Card and agreement copy for records if needed.

Congratulations you have completed first step by filling the form successfully.

Step 2 – Paying joining membership fees

Membership fees for joining vary in every country. Contact your country Herbalife Office (As mentioned in Step 1 point 6 or click here ) and get more details on mode of payment. Share your new membership number to them for providing assistance. (worldwide contact list click here )

This completes step 2 of the process. Follow Step 3 after successful payment.

Step  3 – Contacting me for Mentoring, Guidance for next step.

Welcome and congratulations to Herbalife family. You are now the registered associate of Herbalife. You can work with us in your country and 90+ countries. We will be your mentor to make you successful in this opportunity.

Your first thing is to contact us immediately. Share your personal email, contact number and address in email. So that we can start your training right away.

Note:- Its my responsibility to make you successful. Our system is in place and proven since last 36+ years. If you follow correctly and remain in contact you will be successful 100% in this opportunity. I will be always with you, just ask and I will be available.

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