Gain Weight

Our body requires 114 nutrition to keep ourselves fit. If you eat all these nutrition with your breakfast, lunch and dinner (3 times a day) you will gain weight. This is safe and scientific method to increase weight ideally.

Our body is made up of cells. Cells are the fundamental unit of the body and made up of our tissues, organs and body systems. If you nourish our cells with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients they need you gain weight. Herbalife cellular nutrition provides the elements that the body needs on a daily basis to maintain good health. Herbalife products scientifically balance and nourish cells for optimum metabolism, growth and repair with reproduction.

  • To gain weight you have to eat 6 times a day ( 3 big meals and 3 mini meals)
  • You have to increase your calorie intake with nutrient rich foods containing vitamins, minerals, fiber
  • You have to gain your body mass, not fat which is right way to gain weight.
  • Increase more energy which helps to speed up nutrient absorption.

We at will provide complete guidance to increase your weight ideally with right nutrition, vitamins, minerals by not growing fats but by increasing body mass which will keep you healthy, fit and out of diseases.

  • Products available in form of shake and tablets
  • Safe, scientific method without any side effects
  • Maximize your energy level
  • Grow ideal weight as per height, age with increase in body mass and not fat.
  • Result oriented plan if you take as per plan
  • Maintain ideal weight after gaining desired weight

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