Manage Weight

WHO has shared standard weight on height and our age for men and woman. We can have more body mass but not body fat.

We have to provide right nutrition, energy, minerals, fiber so that our metabolism works perfectly. Our Herbalife program provides cellular nutrition and targeted nutrition which help to maintain weight and avoid us from anti-aging.

Targeted Nutrition products provide nutrients and botanical support to your body so we enjoy lifetime good health and manage ideal weight.

  • To manage weight you have to take 116 nutrient shake as breakfast
  • You have to maintain your calorie intake as per your metabolism
  • You have to take energy drinks to keep yourself healthy
  • Doing regular exercise can help you to keep fit with right nutrition

We at will provide complete guidance to manage your weight ideally with right nutrition, vitamins, minerals by not growing fats but by maintaining body mass which will keep you healthy, fit and out of diseases.

  • Products available in form of shake and tablets
  • Safe, scientific method without any side effects
  • Maximize your energy level
  • Maintain ideal weight as per height, age with increase in body mass and not fat.
  • Result oriented plan if you work as per plan

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