Prosto Care Capsule


Prosto Care capsule is a perfect blend of many natural herbs to control any problem regarding our prostate and urination without any side effects. Prosto Care supports a healthy prostate and normal male urogenital function. It improves urinary tract function and flow, reduces symptoms of an enlarged prostate, supports healthy PSA levels and restores male energy.


Health Benefits
i) Beneficial for Urinary tract function and flow.
ii) Reduces symptoms of enlarged prostate.
iii) Support the Healthy PSA level.
iv) Restores Male Energy.
v) Supports Healthy prostate and normal male urogenital function.

Varuna, Gokhru, Khus Khus, Gorakhmundi, Punarnava, Shatavari,Khadir, Salam Mishri, Lata Karanj, Shilajit, Kanchnar Guggul.

Directions for Use
1 to 2 capsules two times a day or as directed by the Experts.

Additional information

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Dimensions 9 × 14 × 2 cm


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